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Dr. Antoinette Goodrich is an influential voice, content creator, accomplished musician and is the personification of a woman of substance. The daughter and granddaughter of preaching women, she answered the call of God on her life in 1994 and was spiritually raised and nurtured by her Grandmother, the late Pastor Lillie Mae Jones. That nurturing developed within her a craving for the written gospel and consequently enhanced her growth in the Lord and in ministry. Born and raised in New York City, Dr. Goodrich received her Diploma in the New York Public School system. The proud mother of four beautiful daughters, she relishes the opportunity to hang out, have fun and enjoy life with her girls who are indeed her greatest inspirations.   

As an author, she wrote her first book entitled On The Road To Destiny which was forworded by Bishop TL Penny and released April of 2017. The transparency of her book has and continues to impact countless lives far and near facing life's dilemmas with dignity, hope and restoration.   
As an advocate, she has a prodigious love for God and for God's people which increases her passion for the work of the Kingdom in equipping souls with the essential necessities for living and operating in their fullest potential on the earth. Rising from the rubbish of a victimized past, she has turned her devastations into her driving force of significance, success and accomplishments. She reaches beyond the pulpit by producing creative content, music and resources to help transform the trajectory of lives and communities. 
As a musician, Dr. Goodrich released her first Praise Single entitled “Do You See What I See?”, which has released a fresh and impactful sound in the kingdom. 

As a preacher and speaker, Dr. Goodrich is known as a “Gospel Preacher” who has been uniquely anointed to deliver God's word with revelatory insight, practicality and compassion in such a way that it penetrates the soul of the hearers and shifts their lives.  On September 30, 2000, Dr. Antoinette Goodrich received her License in Evangelism from Bishop Vincent L. Greaves Sr. while serving under his leadership and on October 12, 2003, was ordained an Elder in the Lords’ Church by  Arch Bishop Leonard Austin of London England, by whom she also received an international license of ministry. Through observation of her faithful and diligent stewardship and service in various areas of the kingdom, Dr. Antoinette Goodrich received her Honorary Doctor of Divinity Certificate from Dr. Stanley Gorrell of the Next Dimension School of Theology on January 27, 2017.  On August 11, 2019, she was licensed as a National Evangelist by Bishop Shelvis R. Green of the Greater Holy Tabernacle Church in the Bronx, N.Y. where she currently and faithfully serves.   


Quick to smile and fueled by a passionate love of life, her family, herself, people, her ministry and her God, Dr. Antoinette Goodrich is a true candidate for success in every area of her life and finds joy in the success of others. 

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