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Pursuing and Prevailing on Purpose

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The purpose of this movement is to establish a growing collaboration of individuals united by their survivals to strengthen, empower, and inspire others who have survived tragedies, abuse, accidents, sicknesses (etc) and are yet living on purpose. To also provide daily essentials and direction to available resources that can assist in providing a productive and successful future.

Meet The Team

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Dr. Antoinette Goodrich

Crystal Johnson

Ilona Goodrich

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Hasan Hawkins

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Denise Wade

Words from the CEO

If you've survived anything in your life, then you indeed have a story just as I do.

From a child I was faced with adversed situations that forced me into survival mode prematurely and experienced things that could've taken me off of my destiny road. Instead, I realized that everything I experienced, endured and survived was a part of my destiny journey.  While in the middle of life's circumstances, struggles, dilemmas, tragedies and devastations, it's easy to put all of our focus on ourselves and center our attention on simply getting through what we're trying to survive at that moment and nothing else. Although that's not an uncommon thing to do, it often causes us to miss the bigger picture and to overlook the purpose of it all.  As I grew in my relationship with God and became more acquainted with my purpose, I learned how to go through the storms of life with others in mind, which includes you. This movement was established for those of you who suffered in silence and kept a smile on your face through the traumas of life that almost left you lifeless. For those of you whose cries were unheard, whose tears streamed unseen and whose brokenness was unnoticed,

this movement and safe space is for you.

As one who survived molestation as a child for over a decade, was imprisoned for a short time, endured a 21 year marriage laced with physical, mental and emotional abuse, walked away from a car wreck that should've taken my life, survived a stroke with no lingering physical dysfunctions and other attacks that tried to annihilate my God given assignments, I stand today HEALED, WHOLE, HEALTHY, HAPPY and EXCITED about helping survivors become thrivers. 

I truly believe that your fingers were divinely directed to this site and my team and I look forward to reading your story and possibly being instrumental in you getting the resources, support, spiritual and mental healing that's needed to get you from VICTIM to VICTOR.


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